Saturday, 26 October 2013

Curly Hair Dump

Before I start. I’d like to thank nymphy for being so amazing and allowing me to convert her fabulous hairs. 
Z99 Nymphy - The original mesh for this hair is by Z99, but nymphy did a great retexture. So I converted the mesh and used her textures. It uses adjust shine control, has both morphs/bones, and is enabled for both males and females. (requested for males by Rosa) It may or may not clip into fatter faces… I tried my best to fix this issue.
Nymphy Helga 24 - I simply loved the retexture nymphy did on this hair. Even though this helga mesh was already converted my anubis, I converted my own version to reduce some poly and make sure it fits better on the head. The control works a little differently on this hair… I made it that way to add some more shape.. as the mesh has the “famous sims 2 flatness” to it. (Meaning it looks best from the front view) Its for females only. 
Trapping Helga 24 - Same mesh from the hair above… but I adore the retexture trapping did on this hair. It uses the adjust shine control. I can’t remember if its enabled for both males and females.. but i’m gonna say its for females only. Also this hair has the “famous sims 2 flatness”… like I mentioned above. There’s also a small alpha issue near the head area.. that I can’t seem to fix.. but its not noticeable. 
Nymphy Take a Hike - This is a mesh by trapping, and nymphy, who once again, did a great job retexturing this one. Uses the adjust shine control, and is for females only. 
TSM Short Curls: This one is a hair from the sims medieval. I really like it! I’d like to thank HCove for converting it to the sims 2 and making my life a whole lot easier. The control is a little weird looking because the mapping on TSM meshes…. are just.. wacky. Its enabled for male and female. And for those asking.. it is the hair Rosa used on Michel. 
Trapping Modern Braids - This is a sims store mesh. The modern braids from the african collection. Trapping did a wonderful retexture. It looks kinda strange as its not meant to have straighter textures.. but I think it looks great! Textures are by nymphy. Uses adjust shine control. Its enabled for both males and females. 
Trapping Adrasteia - I like this hair ^.^ One of my favourites because the control is so unique! I love how it created that streaked look. The original mesh is by HystericalParoxysm, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw trapping/mighty-hat’s version. I completely revamped the mesh so it looks better in the sims 3… but it has a little bit f alpha issues… Anyway. It uses adjust shine control and is enabled for both males and females.
Peggy 00310 - Finally…. we have the hair that has the most issues. This is juice’s oldest mesh in the world. I spent days and days just trying to make it right.. and this is the best I can do. It doesn’t fit perfectly to the scalp.. but its actually very close. The side ponytail part has some pretty bad alpha issues too… so stay dark with the colours. Its for females only and uses adjust shine control. 
All hairs poly range from 3K to 8K…nothing too high.
Control Pictures included in the file.
Also: To those who had my test versions.. please re-download. 
Another Also: Thank you Reila, Linda, Rosa, and all my other great friends for testing these for me <3


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  2. could you be so kind to convert this hair to .sims3pack ? My game dosen't allow me to download .package but i'm crazy about this hair 0.0
    Thanks )))