Sunday, 28 July 2013

Flower Crowns

Its two flower crowns from the store dehairified. 
Both require supernatural. Sorry once again. 
Its hat slider compatible. Also it may look weird in CAS.. but don’t panic.. it’ll be fine in game.
I didn’t really test these enough.. so message me if you have any issues.
Ps. Sorry for my crappy previews.. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wreath Crowns

I forgot how long I was hogging these… but I didn’t want to post it until the thumbnails showed up. 
Before I start… I’m just gonna say these require supernatural!
Even though i’m only showing one preview…. they’re FIVE crowns. I was really lazy and took very little shots… but my bb jorsimmy was so sweet and willing to take more pictures for me. You can view them here »»»CLICK«««

Ohbehave made these wreaths for the sims 2…. so i decided to convert and make them into accessories. Due to the way the mesh was made, these require transparency…. which means once again.. requires spn.

Gown of Leaves

Dress looks weird in bright colours.

The mesh is by the amazing rusty


Leafy Wreath & Makeup

So I have a wreath and some makeup. The makeup, will honestly be perfect for any fantasy life-state. 

Wreath - Use with aWT’s hat sliders. 

Teen to Elder. 

Makeup - Found in eyeshadow. ( I should of made this a blush… but too late)