Saturday 26 October 2013

Retexture Galore

Midnight Hollow Hair for Females

Ice Cream Dress

You probably know what this is.. but.. if you don’t.. its the prize from my summer ice cream contest.
Its been awhile… and I’m all hype lol… so I thought I’d just release it.
The original inspiration of this dress was from a SL dress I found on a blog.
(Technically this is kinda like a shock&shame/simmerstore collaboration… but it was never planned to be that way. I’m just dreaming xD)
The download includes my original photoskinned version along with the oneShock&Shame made.
In all honesty.. Vivian’s remake is a shit load better! I recommend using her’s!

Texture by Shock&Shame
Mask by Me
Mesh by Anubis
Connie by KosmoKhaos

ZeroDark Newsea Bella

Curly Hair Dump

Nymphy Wavy Afro

Fish Scales

These are some fish scales for your sims. Its prefect for island paradise!
I found this mermaid skin from the sims 2 a while back, and thought I could turn it into a makeup. The original creator is Enayla? I think…
Anyway. Its a blush, it has two reclorable areas, and looks fantastic with ephemera fantasy set!
I hope you guys enjoy it!